Lady Problems Hackathon: Our Impact

The Lady Problems global hackathon series is on a mission to solve the issues that prevent female entrepreneurship. We’re doing this by challenging hackers from around the world to build projects that focus on health, safety, economic empowerment and culture.

How is this changing the hackathon landscape? Explore our impact to date below and check back each week for an update as we continue the #LadyProblems journey.

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Did you know the average hackathon has an 80% male attendance rate and a 20% female attendance rate? During this series, we’re determined to equal the hackathon playing field.

Today, we’re at a 61% female attendance rate for all Lady Problems events. Check back each week to watch the story develop.

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We recognize this name is controversial and have certainly had mixed responses, but we’re putting in an effort to change that. With Lady Problems, our goal is to take a term that is currently seen as negative, ignored, put down, belittled or seen as a “women’s issue” and flip it to something positive – these are issues that affect all of us.

Check back each week to see how we’re changing the conversation around #LadyProblems.

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