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It’s proven that investing in women creates a better world, and yet they’re not even close to meeting their potential. 


Women represent half of the global population, and reinvest 90% of their income into their families and communities, but earn just 10% of the world’s income.

Studies have shown that advancing women’s equality can add between $12-28 trillion to global economic growth. According to UN Women, companies with three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational effectiveness, yet just 4% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women.

In startup-land, you’ll find the same results. First Round Capital’s analysis of 300 portfolio companies over ten years showed that startup teams with at least one female founder performed 63 percent better than all male teams, yet around only 4% of women are backed by VC funding.

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We challenged our global community of 100,000+ women and men, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, barrier-breakers and problem-solvers, to help us address these problems.

Challenge No. 01


Hack a solution that will help women access health resources to ensure that they can have successful careers, regardless of whether or not they choose to have children.

Challenge No. 02


Hack a solution that ensures that women can be safe when they go to, are at, and come home from work.

Challenge No. 03

Economic Empowerment

Hack a solution that helps women gain access to the financial resources, training and support they need to grow their businesses.

Challenge No. 04


Hack a solution that helps women succeed and feel confident in the workplace and that they are supported in their careers by their families and communities.

Moments from Around the 🌎

Global Winners

New York City, USA<br>Team Tracker

New York City, USA
Team Tracker

Slackbot that empowers employees to report bias

London, England<br>Team Caraboo

London, England
Team Caraboo

Helps women fight their imposter syndrome

Delhi, India<br>Team Rudite

Delhi, India
Team Rudite

Provides integrated information about available scholarships for girls

Sydney, Australia<br>Team Social Q

Sydney, Australia
Team Social Q

VR simulator that identifies behaviours that reinforce gender inequality

San Francisco, USA<br>Team H4Werk

San Francisco, USA
Team H4Werk

Streamlines the process for H4 visa holders to complete work

Buenos Aires, Argentina<br>Team Marie

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Team Marie

Educational bot for girls

Sao Paulo, Brazil<br>Team Minas De Ouro

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Team Minas De Ouro

Marketplace and social media connecting female entrepreneurs

Seattle, USA<br>Team SpeakUp

Seattle, USA
Team SpeakUp

Technological prototype that addresses the current meeting room culture

Mexico City<br>Team MOMS

Mexico City

Application focused on solving problems of health and safety to women

Vancouver, Canada<br>Team Pepper

Vancouver, Canada
Team Pepper

Slack bot that allows teammates to send positive feedback

Boston, USA<br>Team Foundhr

Boston, USA
Team Foundhr

Makes it easy for women to find opportunities for funding

Nairobi<br>Team Bonga

Team Bonga

A preventive intervention for Gender and Sexual violence

Gaza<br>Team W Rights

Team W Rights

App to help women find their legal rights and friendly legal services

Los Angeles, USA<br>Team INAA

Los Angeles, USA

Service that will provide users with fact-based accurate information on local services

Miami, USA<br>Team Protagonist

Miami, USA
Team Protagonist

Highlighting the accomplishments of successful female role models

Barcelona, Spain<br>Team Emily

Barcelona, Spain
Team Emily

Safe platform that promotes sexual health as a normal part of health care

Berlin, Germany<br>Team Mirru

Berlin, Germany
Team Mirru

Connected women's health device

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